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Credit Rating Information-2024
Notice To the Public Shareholders-2024
1 st quarter financial statements (un-audited) for the period ended 31st March 2024
Audited Financial Statements of the Company for the year ended December 31, 2023 a
Price sensitive information 3rd quater 2023
Credit Rating Information25.07.2023
Price sensitive information 2nd quater Un-audited 2023
Distribution of Annual Report-2022
Notice of the 23rd Annual General Meeting
Notice To the Public Shareholders-2023
Audited Financial Statements for the year ended December 31, 2022
Price sensitive information 1st quarter accounts 2023
Credit Rating Report Information 29.01.2023
PSI_Continental Insurance Subsidiary Company
Price sensitive information 3rd quater Unaudited 2022
Compliance Report of Dividend Distribution-2021
Price sensitive information2nd quater (Unaudited) 2022
Notice To the Public Shareholders-2022
Price sensitive information 1st quater2022
Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31st December 2021
Price sensitive information of 3rd quater accounts 2021
Final Price sensitive information 2nd quater,2021
Distribute Cash Dividend 2020
Price sensitive information-April 12,2021
Price sensitive information-1st quater (Un-Audited)2021
Price sensitive information 3rd quater 2020
Price sensitive information 2nd Quater 2020
Price sensitive information 1st Quater 2020
Price sensitive information 2019
Price Sensitive Information 3rd Querter 2019
Price Sensitive Information 2nd Querter- 18-07-2019
Notice of the 19th Annual General Meeting
Price sensitive information for Audited financial Statement for the year ended 31/12/2018
Final Price sensitive information 1st quarter-2019
Price sensitive information 4th October 2018(3rd quater)
Price Sencetive Information 12-07-2018(2nd Quearter)
Price Sencetive Information 08-04-2018(1st Quearter)
Price Sencetive Information 08-04-2018
Price sensitive information-2017(2nd quarter Financial)
Price sensitive information-2017
Price sensitive information-2016
Price sensitive information-2015
Election Schedule Notice – 2015
Notice of the 15th AGM-2015
Notice to the Public Shareholders-2015
Election Schedule Notice – 2014
Half yearly statement -2014
Notice to the Public Shareholders-2014
Price sensitive information-2014
Notice of the 14th AGM-2014
Election Schedule Notice – 2013
Notice to the Public Shareholders-2013
Price sensitive information-2013
Half yearly statement -2013
Notice of the 13th AGM-2013
Credit Bonus -2012
Dividend Warrant – 2012
Election Schedule Notice – 2012
Half yearly statement -2012
Notice of the 12th AGM-2012
Notice to the Public Shareholders-2012
Price sensitive information-2012
Notice of the 11th AGM-2011
Notice to the Public Shareholders-2011
Price sensitive information-2011
Credit Bonus -2011
Credit of Right share -2011
Dividend Warrant -2011
Election Schedule Notice – 2011
Half yearly statement -2011
Notice of the 2nd EGM-2011
Notice of the 10th AGM-2010
Notice of the 1st EGM-2010
Notice to the Public Shareholders-2010
Price sensitive information-2010